What can people do to increase their employability skills during the cost of living crisis?

Portsmouth City Council has launched a campaign to ensure residents can get help during the cost of living crisis

As the cost of living crisis continues to drive prices up, many people are looking for ways to increase their income and improve their employability opportunities to improve their future.

Portsmouth City Council’s community learning service called The Learning Place, which is located in Derby Road, North End, offers a wealth of things for people who need extra support.

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The Learning Place team helps people step out of their comfort zone to explore new avenues and the lessons that are offered, which are free or at a heavily discounted rate, are taught in a relaxed educational setting with experienced people. , who have spent years in the industry.

There are qualification-based courses that can be taken which include functional skills for English, maths and ICT from entry level to level two, food safety in catering, apprenticeships for older people ages 16+, and a number of newly accredited courses, including the NCFE Level 2 Award for Support Work in Schools and Colleges.

The City Council also offers a range of unemployment schemes which are run in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions, and individuals are supported to find work and consider different options.

Jane Lamer, head of economic development and skills at Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘It’s about unlocking perceptions and looking at something different and looking at what people can do as people. We’ve supported adults in every career you can think of.

“We are certainly seeing more interest that we have government funding called multiple that will help individuals examine their math skills.

Jane added: “In Portsmouth we only have a small increase in unemployment at the moment but I think a lot of adults just want to expand their opportunities.”

“The message is that if people want to do something different and think outside the box, we’re here to help.”

The range of options available to people who want additional support to enter the labor market can help people during the cost of living crisis not only improve their chances of securing flexible employment, but also build their confidence and socialize during a difficult time.