Work is finally starting to bridge the city’s skills gap as first students begin their studies at ARU Peterborough

Today, students at the new University of Peterborough will officially begin their studies.

Lectures and other classes were due to start yesterday but were postponed by the bank holiday to mark the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Students enjoyed a variety of activities during welcome week with a variety of greeting sessions, a welcome fair, food stalls and outdoor games.

Welcome week begins for newcomers to ARU Peterborough.

The university, based in Bishops Road, has a student union with a student president yet to be elected.

A student will also be elected to the university’s board of directors.

The educational teams have also started their integration sessions throughout the building.

The £30million university, called ARU Peterborough, offers 27 courses, which are primarily aimed at teaching skills needed in the workplace in the Peterborough area.

ARU Peterborough Head Teacher Ross Renton chats with some of the new students.

Courses range from science, health to technology with around 170 companies advising on the creation of the program.

It is hoped that over the next eight years the number of students will increase to 12,500.

The next two years will see the creation of a business-led research and development center and a third building with a publicly accessible Living Lab and more teaching space.

Councilor Lynne Ayres, Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and University of Peterborough City Council, said: “It is very exciting that the first students will start studying at our dedicated university in just a few weeks. It’s even more exciting that our city will welcome some of the brightest young people from around the world to study here.

New students at ARU Peterborough.

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A welcome for newcomers to ARU Peterborough.
Refreshments for new students at ARU Peterborough.
Newcomers congregate at ARU Peterborough.