Workday Expands Skills Cloud and Announces New HCM Client

Workday expanded its skills cloud service and also announced that Busy Bees Learning selected the company’s HCM solution as part of an overall HR transformation.

The announcements took place at Workday’s recent Rising event in the US, where the company detailed how it continues to build an open and connected skills ecosystem with a single source of truth for skills data.

Workday says next-generation skills technology will allow organizations to efficiently and securely bring skills data into and out of Workday. The expanded skills cloud service will provide deeper insight into workforce skills and more personalized employee experiences.

“Workday’s strategy is to create a cohesive skills data model that maps skills from various systems such as labor market data, recruiting and learning, and connects them for a single source of truth,” says Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of Compagnie Josh Bersin.

“This is a natural step for Workday, given the growing adoption of Skills Cloud and the massive demand for skills-based talent solutions.”

He says Workday’s technology helps meet demand at a time when skills are constantly changing and organizations need a way to manage skills across the enterprise.

The technology is also designed in conjunction with clients such as Accenture and software alliances such as Aon, Degreed and SkyHive. The
The Workday Skills Ecosystem helps organizations import relevant skills data from third-party systems into Workday.

“During one of the most disrupted talent markets of our time, teaming up with Workday on their innovative Skills Cloud helps us enable our clients to execute their skills-based talent strategies,” said Colin Anderson, Head of HR, digital planning and analytics at Accenture.

“It also supports our long-standing commitment to providing our employees with opportunities to develop cutting-edge skills that help them build and grow their careers.”

Organizations can also now export skill level data from Workday to external systems, creating a two-way flow of skills, providing them with a consistent skill set across the enterprise to scale their talent management strategies. skill-based talents.

Workday also announced that early childhood education and care provider (ECEC), Busy Bees Early Learning Australia & New Zealand (Busy Bees), has selected Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) in a HR transformation that will replace outdated legacy systems with Workday. modern HCM platform.

They say this will provide Busy Bees with the information it needs to ensure its more than 4,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand continue to deliver on their vision of giving every child the best start in life.

“Workday HCM is a next-generation human resource insights platform that will support our growth as demand for our services increases,” said Kerri Lawrence, business manager of Busy Bees Early Learning.

“The system will help ensure that our people are where they need to be, are paid accordingly and managed effectively. a younger population.

HCM will also allow Busy Bees to manage workers throughout their career with the company, while implementing an efficient roster for a distributed workforce across A/NZ and better job management. personal and business needs.