Your acquired skills must solve problems in the communities

Dr. Sujith Jayaprakash is the Dean of BlueCrest University College

The rector of BlueCrest University College, Dr. Sujith Jayaprakash, urged young people to make sense of the skills they are learning to find solutions to the challenges facing their communities.

Addressing new students admitted to the College, Dr. Jayaprakash said the emphasis on skill development at all levels of the educational ladder was aimed at equipping students with a solution-based approach to meeting challenges. social, economic and environmental challenges that society faced on a daily basis. .

“Young people are the future leaders, and the solution lies in the skills they have acquired. Africa and the world today continue to search for a medicine to cure AIDS and coronavirus; a solution is still needed to stop the growing global climate crisis and even a more urgent solution is needed to address the global economic collapse that threatens us. It’s time to put the skills to use to give the world the solution it needs,” said he declared.

Dr. Jayaprakash also asked students to be proactive, adventurous and independent-minded in the new path they are charting towards achieving their career dreams.

He said leading higher education institutions like BlueCrest University College exist to build the capacity of students to become the next generation leaders who will lead the development drive on all fronts.

“Our goal as an institution is to help you to become independent, to be able to adopt positive attitudes towards life, to be aware of the value of time, to be sincere with yourselves and to be equally relevant to society. Your total transformation requires collective effort, but most of all it depends on your willingness to submit to transformation,” he added.

The College’s Dean of Studies, Professor Thomas Assan, also urged students to take their academic work seriously.

He urged new students to explore all relevant ways to improve their knowledge so as to contribute significantly to the development of their country.

“As you begin your studies, I encourage you to strive for excellence by finding the right balance between your academic, extracurricular and social life. You must carefully allocate the time you devote to your books, your social commitments and social networks “, he warned.

A total of 156 new students were admitted to the college to pursue various master’s and degree programs in information technology, mass communication and journalism, business administration, and fashion and design. The new students are nationals of six different African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Mali.